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          Year 7 literacy and numeracy catch-up premium

          What is our funding allocation for the current academic year?

          We received a total of £18977 for the literacy and numeracy catch-up premium for the 2018-19 academic year

          How do we intend to spend our allocation this year and how did we spend our allocation last year?

          Literacy catch-up

          We do the following to support pupils who are not secondary ready with their reading




          Accelerated Reader


          Creation of an extra English class to support weaker readers


          Extra reading with a teaching assistant in tutor time


          Multi-sensory support for developing reading


          Withdrawal reading lessons with the SENCO


          Reading group for weaker readers


          Extra planning time to support English staff to create resources such as differentiated texts and glossaries.





          We also support weaker readers by:

          • Highlighting and discussing new vocabulary
          • Making connections between word parts and their meanings
          • Using paired reading strategies
          • Helping develop their ability to make inferences
          • Using questioning to develop understanding


          Numeracy catch-up

          We do the following to support pupils who are not secondary ready with their numeracy



          Teaching assessment working with pupils during tutor period  (1.5 hours per week)


          Numeracy co-ordinator selecting and organising resources for use by the TA (0.5 hours per week)


          Creation of numeracy resources


          TA support in maths classes





          How did last year’s allocation made a difference to the attainment of the pupils who benefitted from the funding?

          Literacy catch-up

          75% of pupils involved in catch-up activities improved their reading age between Oct 2018 and Oct 2019

          Numeracy catch-up

          43% of students involved in catch-up activities were judge to be on target in maths by the end of year 7.

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